Miami Heat – Boston Celtics LIVE @ Cytavision


A very nice game is brought live tonight by Cytavision at 21:00. The reason is the pair of last year’s Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.


Miami Heat

Miami has significantly improved its position in the Eastern Conference with four wins in its last five games and is now 28-24. Given the ongoing issues facing the Philadelphia 76ers, there is a strong possibility that Erik Spoelstra’s team will finish in the top six at the end of the regular season.

Injuries have been a big problem for the Heat this year, with Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler missing several games. The offensive performance of the team relies heavily on these two players. Individually, Bam Adebayo is playing the best basketball of his life and when all the key players are on the floor together, the Heat look powerful. A few weeks ago, Pat Riley brought Terry Rozier to Miami, adding another important player to the roster. First impressions suggest that it was a more than clever move.

The Miami Heat lost both games this season to the Boston Celtics, with the January loss being particularly painful. Clearly, the Celtics haven’t forgotten what happened in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, so it’s now up to the Florida team to respond.

Boston Celtics

Based on their performance over the last three and a half months, the Boston Celtics are rightfully the front-runner for the NBA title. They hold the top spot in the Eastern Conference with a record of 40 wins and 12 losses, and appear to be on track to maintain that spot, making Massachusetts the likely path to the NBA Finals.

The Celtics made several moves over the summer to increase their chances of securing the coveted title. General manager Brad Stevens has invested heavily in the starting lineup and when Kristaps Porzingis is healthy and fit, they look tremendous. Jrue Holiday may not be as aggressive as he was with the Milwaukee Bucks, but he’s a major contributor on defense. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown still have more room to showcase their offensive skills, and the only potential hindrance for the Celtics could be unexpected injuries.

The two previous wins against the Miami Heat clearly show the Celtics’ hatred for this team. They will undoubtedly try once again to deliver another blow and prove that they should have been in the NBA Finals from the Eastern Conference last season.